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Framing the Framework: Addressing the need for a UK National Framework For Climate Services - Louise Wilson and Nicola Golding, Met Office
The UKCR Programme is expanding the boundaries for how the UK understands and manages its climate related risks, with research projects spanning new science through to better meeting user needs. But how can improvements be pulled through into real action and improved climate services nationally? This webinar will outline the purpose and progress to date of the UKCR Improving Climate Services project, led by the Met Office, which is exploring the merits of implementing a National Framework for Climate Services for the UK. Here we will share outcomes of engagement so far with the UK Climate Resilience community, around what is needed and desired in the UK in terms of national level investment. The second part of the webinar will include international perspectives on climate services from some other countries and regions bringing in examples of what else has been successfully done in this space and future plans.

Louise Wilson is a senior climate scientist with more than 8 years' experience working with multi-disciplinary teams to produce climate projections, as well as working with users to translate projections into decision-relevant information. Currently Louise is working across the public and private sectors to improve climate services through the UK Climate Resilience Programme.

Nicola Golding is International Climate Services Manager at the UK Met Office, where she manages a team developing and carrying out tailored scientific research for a a range of UK and international government and commercial customers. The focus of her role is in developing the relationship between users and providers of climate services, enabling knowledge exchange and the development of services for different sectors. She has spent time developing and publishing good practice on this topic and is active in engaging with partners and researchers in this field, drawing in expertise from other disciplines.

Jul 14, 2021 12:00 PM in London

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