Jenifer Ho - Multimodality Talk - Shared screen with speaker view
Raed AlBanna
I have a question about using multimodality for data analysis. I am currently researching how people experience space design and digital technology in a learning environment.To analyse my video data, what do you think about deploying/engaging a mix of multimodal approaches ( conversational analysis, interactional analysis and ethnography) for a rich multimodal analysis through the lens of embodiment?Apologies if I confused you :)
Lovely Parungao
Did you use multimodal CDA for this?
Raed AlBanna
I am designing my multimodal analysis using a mix of approaches: CDA, (inter)actional analysis, and multimodal ethnography. I don’t plan to use a single multimodal approach.
Zhu Hua
Thanks for the wonderful talk, Jenifer and for Elisabetta and Sophia for orgnanising it. I have to go now.
Raed AlBanna
I never experienced or used multimodal analysis in research, so I wonder how possible it is to mix a different multimodal approaches to analyse video data. Just wondering!
Zhe Liu
Hi, Jenifer, thank you for the fruitful talk, and I also have a question about “authenticity”. Before your talk, I only have a general understanding of authenticity from the perspective of citizen journalism. The relevant research often compare the amateur producers of citizen journalism and professional news agencies. Attributes of camera shake, image quality, sounds and etc are used to assess the authenticity of the video content. In your research or point of view, what are your criteria for deciding the level of authenticity or judging is a video authentic or not?
Zhe Liu
Thank you1
Lovely Parungao
Thank you everyone...
Melanie Evans
Thanks for a fantastic talk, really interesting and lots to think about on authenticity!
Karen Choi
Thank you.
Raed AlBanna
Thank you