The 2020 R2P and WPS double anniversary: A conversation on R2P at 15 and WPS at 20 followed by Q&A - Shared screen with speaker view
Blake Lawrinson
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Debbie Stothard
Rosemary in case there's lack to time, YES SIPRI and other bodies do monitor arms sales to Burma. But what is surprising is that an Austrian company sold drone tech to the military despite awareness of the context. We really need to address and push for accountability of those who profit from atrocity crimes. This is why we are trying to bridge the UNGPs on BHR, OECD Guidelines, and other frameworks
Debbie Stothard
Some states get and give a free pass re atrocity crimes because of economic connections. Time to address this, and to ensure that national budgets and foreign investment do not enable and empower perpetrators
Debbie Stothard
one interesting the case is the Lundin Oil prosecution in Sweden, over involvement in war crimes in South Sudan.
Debbie Stothard
Need to call out "containment" of WPS activists - where funding for their activists are an offset to harmful and exclusionary "peace processes" instead of leveraging to ensure integration. Wai Wai has raised this - and indeed we have seen the same funders to WPS channelling more resources and political support to oppressive processes
Debbie Stothard
P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAI WAI . Thanks for sharing it with us!
Wai Wai Nu
Thank you, Debbie!